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Grap formatting

Grap an object's formatting to copy its style, font, text size etc. You no longer need to copy the formatting again and again.

Apply the formatting to another object by selecting the other object and then clicking button below this one.

Align left

Ensure everything is aligned by, for instance, left aligning all the selected elements.

Touch right

Move objects next to each other so they just touch. Here the items are positions as from the right.

Grap position

Position elements consistently across slides.

Grap an object's coordinates using this button and apply it to another object with the button below.

Add Harvey Balls

Harvey Balls are round symbols that are colored to reflect how a criteria is met. Harvey Balls are great for comparisons.

Swap position

Switch two selected object around. Great for reordering steps in a process map or replacing graphics with new ones.

Match width

Match the width of all selected objects to the last object being selected.

Distribute horizontally

Distribute all selected objects horizontally to get the same spaces between all objects.

Change case

Transform selected texts to upper-, lower-, or titlecase using this feature. This feature is particularly useful for headings.

Set language

Set the default language as well as all texts' language to the same one. Good for spellchecking slides from different sources.

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